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  • About Tulane GMI

    We're on a mission to raise awareness and propel action on social and environmental healthcare sustainability.

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    Our Mission

    Dedicated to promote a more sustainable healthcare industry.

    The Tulane GMI mission statement is to promote more socially and environmentally sustainable healthcare practices in the greater New Orleans area to aid in the global effort to make the healthcare industry more sustainable, ethical, and just.

  • Why we do what we do...

    Solving this problem is a collective effort and spreading awareness is half the battle!

    13.3 million pounds

    of waste are produced by the healthcare industry everyday.

    $15 billion

    can be saved each year simply by adopting more sustainable practices.

    663 million people

    live without clean water today.

    16,000 lives

    can be saved each week with access to clean drinking water.

    Hurricane Katrina

    left water that put New Orleans at risk for outbreaks of West Nile, mold, and rising endotoxin levels. This made flood clean-up and prevention incredibly relevant to public health interests.

    New Orleans Population Health

    was compromised as a result of hurricane Katrina with an estimated 200,000 people losing employer-sponsored health insurance coverage and 12% and 15% of adults ranking their physical and mental health lower, respectively.

  • Presented by the Tulane Green Medicine Initiative

    World Water Week

  • World Water Week

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    What is World Water Week?

    Mission Statement

    World Water Week is an annual Tulane GMI event held during the week of March 22, the UN's World Water Day, that focuses on local and global water issues as they apply to healthcare.

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    Why World Water Week?

    Sustainable and effective urban water infrastructure is necessary to provide sustained healthcare access.

    • New Orleans is always at risk for flooding and subsidence, something that impacts every area of life, including health. Equipping students with agency, knowledge, and creativity to tackle water issues such as climate change and urban infrastructure is imperative in empowering the next generation to continue working towards solutions towards these issues that impact community health.
    • 1 million people are killed by water-related disease every year, and nearly 50% of these deaths are children under 5 years old.
    • Women are disproportionately affected by the water crisis, as they are most often the ones collecting the water. The lack of access to clean water takes time away from work and school, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.
    • Global clean water access is a right, and a right that is imperative for sustainable community health systems.
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    What We've Done


    • Interactive Discussion with Ripple Effect New Orleans: recognizing sustainable water infrastructure and water literacy as integral to sustained healthcare access and agency, we partnered with the amazing Ripple Effect to discuss water education, urban and coastal water issues, and why it matters for us in New Orleans. Check out their amazing work in increasing water literacy here.
    • Documentary Screening: "Flow - For the Love of Water"
    • Tabling: fundraising for Charity: Water, a non-profit that provides global clean and safe drinking water.
  • Executive Board

    Meet the Tulane GMI Team...

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    Jack Blitz


    Jack is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and is on the premedical track. He has always had knack for film production, web design, and graphic imaging and hopes to continue pushing the boundaries that allow everyone, no matter what social background, to have access to free and quality educational resources on the importance of health care via the internet, film, and social media. On the side, Jack is a Resident Advisor and the technology manager for the largest student-run music festival in the country, Crawfest. He plans on pursuing a M.D. after his time at Tulane.

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    Ethan Faries

    Vice President

    Ethan is a neuroscience and philosophy major on the premedical tract. He tries to look for the roots of major problems through logic and an understanding of human nature. Ethan is interested in synthesizing solutions that address these roots. He would like to use this method to improve access to healthcare and reduce environmental externalities by the healthcare industry. Ethan is also the treasurer of the Tulane Pre-Med Society and a Reily Outdoor Adventure trip leader. After finishing his undergraduate studies, he plans on pursuing an M.D.

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    Morni Modi


    Morni is a senior pursuing a Neuroscience major with a double minor in public health and sociology. She is very passionate about making a positive change in the healthcare system at both the micro and macro levels, which is one of the reasons she became involved in Tulane GMI. Outside of school, Morni is involved with the India Association of Tulane University (IATU) and the Jazbaa Bollywood Dance Team of Tulane. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she plans on pursuing a M.D. degree.

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    McKenzie Simmons


    McKenzie is a sophomore majoring in neuroscience and psychology. She has always been passionate about the environment and giving people access to sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare systems, which is why she jumped at the chance to join Tulane GMI. Outside of GMI, McKenzie works at Tulane's Human Resources Department, is a Tides Peer Mentor, and is also involved in One Love, an organization invested in raising awareness for sexual assault. After Tulane, she plans on pursuing her master's in psychology.

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    Pranshi Juneja

    Public Relations

    Pranshi is a junior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Anthropology, on the premedical tract. She is very passionate about understanding things at the molecular level and then anatomically applying them in relation to human activities. She wanted to find better methods to promote sustainability and make long-term differences in healthcare, which is what inspired her to join Tulane GMI. In terms of other activities, Pranshi is an EBoard member of Tulane's Jazbaa, Tulane Circle K, and the Tulane Pre-Med Society. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans on pursuing an M.D.

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    Reid Belanger

    Programming Coordinator

    Reid is a sophomore on the premedical tract majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology with an affinity for environmental sciences. Often you will find Reid running, backpacking, or picking up bugs in the great outdoors. Having spent the bulk of her childhood learning about and romping outside, Reid has come to approach medicine with special concern for how the noble pursuit of global health is negatively affecting the environment. She wishes to work with members of Tulane GMI to help bring economical and sustainable medical practices to a field where reducing, reusing, and recycling is not readily considered.

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